All websites need a favicon, if only to stop the browser having to download a 404 page.

By default you should save it to:


This will be served by the framework when a request is made to:


The path to this file can be changed with:

$config['output.favicon_path'] = '/full/path/to/favicon.ico';

This configuration value cannot be set in /app/library/setup/setup.php, as that file often makes database queries, and opens a session, which should not be necessary to quickly serve up a simple file.

If you want to tell the browser to get the favicon from somewhere else, set:

$config['output.favicon_url'] = '/url/to/favicon.ico';

Where it will use this value in the link tag in the html response:

<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="/url/to/favicon.ico" />

This configuration value can be set in /app/library/setup/setup.php.