Or otherwise known as the 'Command Line Interface'.

Available in the project route is a single symlink:


It allows you to return configuration options:

./cli --config
./cli --config=output.site_name

Encrypt a value, using the key from environment variable PRIME_CONFIG_KEY:

./cli --config-encrypt

Run a gateway script:

./cli --gateway
./cli --gateway=name

Run the maintenance scripts (e.g. via a cron job):

./cli --maintenance

Run the install process:

./cli --install

Create new things, such as units:

./cli --new

Correct permission problems:

./cli --permissions

Look for general issues, such as varying db collations/engines.

./cli --check

Update or compare against the 2 configuration files that list the database structure, and folders in the files directories.

./cli --dump
./cli --diff

Upload the project to a particular server:

./cli --upload=demo
./cli --upload=live

The following can be useful to check all fields in all of your databases.

In this case, looking for field names containing "ip", which have a length less than 50.

for F in */app/library/setup/database.txt; do
  echo $F;
  php -r "\$tables = json_decode(file_get_contents('$F'), true); foreach (\$tables as \$name => \$table) { foreach (\$table['fields'] as \$field => \$info) { if (strpos(\$field, 'ip') !== false && \$info['length'] < 50) echo '  ' . \$name . '.' .  \$field . ' = ' . \$info['type'] . '(' . \$info['length'] . ')' . \"\n\"; }  }"