You are free to create your own, but these can be used:

ROOT            = /
APP_ROOT        = /app/
VIEW_ROOT       = /app/view/
PUBLIC_ROOT     = /app/public/
CONTROLLER_ROOT = /app/controller/

Required constants

The framework will require you to set the SERVER constant:

define('SERVER', 'live');

See the config setup for more details.

Request mode

To see if the current script is running in via the command line:

if (REQUEST_MODE == 'cli') {

Or is a normal HTTP request (the default):

if (REQUEST_MODE == 'http') {

Initialise framework only

If you want to include the bootstrap file to get the framework functionality, but without it actually processing a request, you can set:

define('FRAMEWORK_INIT_ONLY', true);

For example:


    define('ROOT', dirname(__FILE__));
    define('SERVER', 'stage');
    define('FRAMEWORK_INIT_ONLY', true);

    require_once(ROOT . '/path/to/bootstrap.php');