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Based on code from Kohana cookie helper.

To set a cookie:

cookie::set('name', 'value');

cookie::set('name', 'value', '+30 days');

cookie::set('name', 'value', array(
        'expires' => 0, // Session cookie
        'path' => '/',
        'domain' => '',
        'secure' => https_only(),
        'http_only' => true,

To return a value:


cookie::get('name', 'default');

To delete:


Checking browser support:


cookie::require_support(); // Typically called when a form is submitted.


To prefix all cookie names with a specific string:

cookie.prefix = "A-"

To protect the cookies content, while still readable, it is not easily edited:

cookie.protect = true

If you need to protect the value properly, then use the session helper.