CMS Text

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Helper function:

<?= cms_text_html('content'); ?>

Example where the heading is separate... this is useful if the heading will also be used in the site navigation, or on the page <title>:

<?= cms_text_html(array('section' => 'heading', 'wrapper_tag' => 'h1')); ?>
<?= cms_text_html(array('section' => 'content')); ?>


Change path... must be done before calling the above helper function, but often used when you have a /item/123/ type page, and don't want the 123 being used in the path:

config::set('cms.default.path', '/item/');

To make editable:

config::set('cms.default.editable', ADMIN_LOGGED_IN);

Full object version

Initialisation with profile or config:

$cms_text = new cms_text('profile');

$cms_text = new cms_text(array(
        'profile'     => 'example',
        'revision'    => 0,
        'processor'   => 'markdown',
        'editable'    => false, // See above
        'log_missing' => true,
        'versions'    => array(), // See below
        'priority'    => array(), // See below

The 'profile' allows you to have use config variables:

$config[''] = 'value';

To retrieve the HTML content:

echo $cms_text->html('section');

echo $cms_text->html(array(
        'path'        => '/',
        'section'     => 'content',
        'default'     => 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...',
        'variables'   => array('count' => 5), // e.g. "You have [COUNT] messages" - note the issue with 1 message (singular) in English
        'wrapper_tag' => 'div',
        'editable'    => false, // Default from init
        'log_missing' => true, // Default from init
        'global'      => false, // Make globally available to all pages (e.g. the page title)
        'marker'      => 'marker',

Version support

Set via config:

$config['cms.default.versions'] = array();
$config['cms.default.priority'] = array();

Or when creating the cms_text object:

$cms_text = new cms_text(array(
        'priority' => array(),

Version example - should be fixed for the profile:

versions = array(
        'English'         => array('lang' => 'en', 'country' => ''),
        'French'          => array('lang' => 'fr', 'country' => ''),
        'Spanish'         => array('lang' => 'es', 'country' => ''),
        'Canadian French' => array('lang' => 'fr', 'country' => 'ca'),

Priority examples:

priority = array('English'); // Try English, then move onto the default.

priority = array(
        'Canadian French',
    ); // Try Canadian French first, French, English, then the default.

Helper methods


This will return/clear all cache files, or you can pass in a path for a particular page.

Explain about cms_tags/cms_markdown.

And the cms_text controller for the admin.